Monday, 15 September 2008

Shiny New Books!

So I got a new book on Friday, and have two new books coming later this week. On Friday I got the new Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Setting Book for SW Saga. Later this week my pre-ordered Forgotten Realms Player Guide and Adventurers Vault should come. For those who havn't seen them I suggest you have a look at the Excerpts linked at the bottom of this post.

The Campaign setting was not a bad buy, being in the normal odd squarish shape I opened the package and flicked quickly to the chapter I wanted to view first. Heroic Traits is by far one of the best chapters in this CS as it provides all you r new characters with a number of new talents and feats. Though some of these relate more to the KOTOR Graphic Novel, the Feats are more related to the game some of us should all love. Those of you have not played the original games. Get to your nearest second hand game store or go online you could probably pick em up for a fiver each.

Other then the great character options the fluff areas of the Sith, Jedi and Mandalorian chapters were great with each of the mentioned mandalores and sith lords fully stated. Of course the republic chapter was good but I found it being for of the same old as their were not that many changes to the republic we know of the older eras.

All in all the KOTOR CS is a great book and I suggest you all buy it. Or ill eat you.

Saturday, 13 September 2008

Jumping into the Frying Pan

So, here it goes, sitting down to make my first blog post...

My name is Leon, though I'd preffer you all just call me Dragon Born. My blog is about the Pen and Paper RPGs I play, though I may talk about a few other subject now again such as movies, WH 40k or the general state of affairs in the world, with a geeky twist of course!

Currently I am Dming two campaigns. I am heavily involved as a DM in a D&D 4th Edition game called Darkness hides in the Deepest Shadows as well as starting to GM a new Star Wars Saga Edition campaign set during the clone wars. though I hope to soon play a few games aswell.

Of the great vast majority of RPGs out there I play a tea spoon of systems these include D&D 4e, Pathfinder, Star Wars Saga and D20 Modern.

I am a fan of Fantasy Books, Movies, T-shirts, art work and enjoy spending my free time talking about, reading and watching such things. I read a few mangas constantly including Naruto and Bleach and I watch what ever anime I fancy at the time.

My music taste is as varied as a D20 is many sided.

I like to eat things.

I am starrting this blog for a number of reasons.

  1. I like to hope my opinion is sometimes cared about and would like to state it in reveiws of certain rpg game products I may purchase or have purchased now and in the near future.
  2. I would like to improve how I play and GM Rpgs through the opinions of possible readers.
  3. I would like to provide the rpg community, especially the D&D community with a number of my homebrewed ideas and make them fair and useable in preatty much any campaign
  4. World Domination!

Hopefull by now you are not asleep and I'll be posting again. Monday!